E-Biking in Achensee

At 18 hire stations along Achensee guests can hire state-of-the-art E-Bikes and are therefore able to investigate the region without any great need for stomping on those pedals.

E-bike Tour am See entlang

E-Biking is in vogue

Electric bicycles are very trendy, since the assistance provided by the electric motor makes cycling less strenuous, which means you get more time to enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings. The batteries for E-Bikes last 40 to 80 kilometres or around five to six hours. The E-Bike has sensors which continually measure the rider’s power output. An electric motor provides support when pedalling. An E-Bike can be ridden with or without the support of the motor.

Hire and charge stations

In Achensee there are 18 stations which provide E-Bikes to hire. E-Bikes can be recharged at a further 11 battery charging stations. These stations are predominantly located in sports shops and at accommodation providers. E-Bike stations are specifically signposted. The cost for hire per day is EUR 18 to EUR 23.

Link to the E-Bike hire stations in the region
Link to the E-Bike battery charge stations in the region
Link to the E-Bike routes in the region